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D.A. Bulletin - December

Little League Baseball World Series

Little League® University Invites District Staff Members to Come Learn With Us: Little League® International has launched Little League University (LLU). This free, online resource is s a well-rounded and robust repository of educational information and training materials.

The content for District Administrators (D.A.) and Assistant District Administrators (A.D.A.s) is specific and private. Updated regularly throughout the year, the varied information you will access includes video presentations, articles, documents and forms developed for you.

D.A. Action: As D.A.s and A.D.A.s, you each have a dedicated LLU account that has already been created. To get your password information, click on Recover your account information; under LOGIN on the Little League University home page. Then, enter your e-mail address; and choose either e-mail or text message to receive the password. Once you have the password and create your account, the LLU experience is open for you to enjoy.

Little League University

Update to the Implementation of Little League Baseball® Age Determination Date: The Little League International Board of Directors has approved an adjustment to the Little League Baseball® Age Determination Date.

D.A. Strategy: You know the leagues in your district best, so take this opportunity to identify a method that effectively communicates this information to all board members and parents in your district. Use the resource page for additional information and talking points.

D.A. Action: Along with your staff, review information development by Little League International that can be shared with local leagues during registration periods.

2016 Regional Roundtables: D.A.s and A.D.A.s are invited to attend the two-day Regional Roundtable meetings set to begin early next year. The Regional Roundtable meetings are conducted by members of the Little League Regional Staff and International Staff. D.A.s, or the approved alternate, will receive reimbursement for two night’s hotel accommodations, a $200 travel stipend to help offset other travel-related costs, and complimentary tickets to the Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. If you are unable to attend the Regional Roundtable, please designate an alternate from your staff as your District’s representative. The District Administrator must contact Patrick Wilson, Little League® Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development, requesting the respective individual be recognized as the designated alternate. Regional Roundtable lodging information is currently available.

Information will be forthcoming on the Regional Roundtable registration and schedule.

D.A. Strategy: Plan to attend the Regional Roundtable scheduled for your region, and make the necessary arrangements; or request to send an alternate as your representative.

2016 World Series Dates Announced: The 2016 World Series dates for all nine Little League® World Series were approved by the Little League International Board of Directors during its November meeting. Also during the meeting two new field directors began their four-year terms.

D.A. Action: Identify possible dates on a calendar for your district tournaments based on the World Series dates, taking into consideration other levels of play such as regionals and state, as well as historical dates for reference.

D.A. Action: Conduct a meeting with your leagues in order to identify interest in hosting tournaments at different divisions and levels of play. (Including regional tournaments).

Chartering Leagues for the 2016 Season: The chartering process for the 2016 season is being completed exclusively online. Advise all of the leagues in your district to visit the Little League Data Center and charter now in order to receive 10 additional rulebooks for free.

D.A. Action: Log on to the Little League® Data Center and make a list of those leagues with some type of hold, which will allow you to monitor progress. If it’s a regional hold, contact your regional center to immediately identify the reason(s) and communicate this information with the league for quick remedy. Other holds must be resolved directly with Headquarters.

2016 Chartering and Marketing Toolkit is available now: All local leagues will soon be receiving the 2016 Chartering and Marketing Toolkit in the mail, if they haven't already. This season, the local league chartering process will be completed entirely online, so there is no league-specific charter application included in this year’s Toolkit. If a league in your district has not received the 2016 edition of the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit, log on to the Little League Data Center to confirm that all of your league officer information has been updated. Additionally, verify the league is not on hold, which will prevent them from Chartering.

The Chartering and Marketing Toolkit and its online companion site, LittleLeagueToolkit.org, is a resource that all members of a local league Board of Directors should review.

Having accurate local league officer information on file is vital to the overall success of the Little League® program. This information allows Little League the ability to provide local leagues with valuable updates and information in season that will allow them to provide a better experience for players, families and volunteers.

D.A. Action: Call each one of the League Presidents in your district to confirm that they have received their toolkit, or to review the steps needed to get it. Please, continue to encourage your leagues to update their league officers by logging on to the Little League Data Center.

Updated! Check Your Little League® Calendar for the Latest Happenings: The Little League® Event Calendar provides district staff members and local leagues with dates and times for a wide assortment of events scheduled in your area. Updated regularly, the calendar highlights Little League University on the Road dates (formally called the Little League Road Show), educational opportunities that are being offered at the regional centers, and other meetings being held in your state or region. If you plan to host a Little League University on the Road event, please, submit your request to Jamie Joy, at jjoy@LittleLeague.org. Once the event is scheduled it will be added to the Event Calendar.

D.A. Strategy: Incorporate the Little League Event Calendar to the district master schedule of events in order to properly plan for them and share responsibilities with staff members and league officials.

D.A. Action: Print a copy and distribute to each league president. Upload the digital version to the district’s website.

Background Checks/Insurance Claims: If requested to do so by the local league, all local league volunteers must provide their Social Security Number when completing their 2016 Little League® volunteer application. If an individual volunteered last year in a local league, and the league used First Advantage for their background checks, a returning volunteer application can be used as all social security numbers and dates of birth are already in their system for these individuals. Please understand that this sensitive information is partially redacted from view and it is not necessary to be re-entered. An individual’s Social Security Number is required for all first-time background checks conducted through First Advantage, and is also required for all 2016 insurance claims, according to federal law. Regardless of whether the claimant is a child or adult, his/her Social Security Number will be required for processing. Be sure to review the state laws on background checks for leagues.

D.A. Strategy: Our best District Administrators plan for background checks sessions where league safety officers will gather in one room having several computers set up so that background checks are completed for all board members, coaches and umpires. This can be done in two sessions to complete all of them. You will be able to minimize risk of someone failing to comply with this crucial Little League requirement.

2016 ASAP Information: The 2016 A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) materials are currently available online at LittleLeague.org. Please, review the information on the League Player Registration Data or Player Roster Data and Coach and Manager Data through the Little League® Data Center per Regulation IVg. The deadline for Districts to complete the process regarding the District monetary incentive for early local league participation is Friday, March 11. The deadline for local leagues not participating in the District incentive is April 1, 2016.

D.A. Action: Create a labeling system where your district can visually share with parents if a league is safety compliant. For example, if a league has submitted an ASAP plan, and meets all requirements, they may get a specific sticker or decal to be placed at their facilities. The more enhanced measures they provide, the higher the level of safety decal (sticker) they get. These ranks or levels could also be posted on the league’s website to market and advertise their safety level.

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This District Administrator Bulletin is sent monthly to District Administrators and Assistant District Administrators via e-mail.

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