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DA Bulletin - July

District Staff Bulletin - October 2011

New Little League Data Center: The newly-revised Little League Data Center was launched on Tuesday Oct. 11, 2011. Several enhancements have been incorporated along with the usual functionality. The data center will be accessible through the Little League website (www.LittleLeague.org).

ASAP Incentives: Allsafety plans must be submitted WITH the Qualified Safety Plan Registration form included in this packet. A safety plan WILL NOT be shown as received without the form stating who is submitting it, and what league(s) the safety plan covers. All safety plan materials must be postmarked no later than April 13, 2012to be eligible for the cash award and to be eligible for the awards contest. Leagues working toward the district incentive must have all requirements approved to Little League International by March 13, 2012.

ASAP Reminders: 1. For those leagues that submitted an ASAP plan in 2010, but did not do so in 2011, please, submit an ASAP plan for 2012. Information on the 2012 A Safety Awareness Plan will be available in the coming weeks, at: www.LittleLeague.org. Changes will be implemented for 2012, and the new Volunteer Application is currently online. 2. Leagues need to prepare, finalize and submit their plans at this time. Little League International recommends that leagues submit their 2012 ASAP plans on or before Jan. 1, 2012. 3. For first aid and fundamental training, a coach or manager is required to attend this training once every three years. Who in each league is confirming these volunteers are complying with this ASAP requirement?

Online Registration: Since 1999, Active Network, the official online league management provider of Little League®, has been providing online registration and other tools to help simplify all aspects of league administration. As a sponsor of Little League®, Active continues to cater its product to the needs of our districts and leagues. Exciting new functionalities will be added this year which will allow increased, real-time communication between Little League® International, our administrators, and our coaches via eteamz websites; online team formations and double elimination tournament bracket click here for more information.

Leagues on Hold: Using the new Little League Data Center District Staff members are encouraged to review if there are any leagues in their districts on hold. Follow up by checking the type of hold, and assist by guiding the league to the proper department at Little League International.

Meetings with Leagues: District Administrators and their assistants should be scheduling at least one meeting with each league in the district this fall. These meetings can help to prevent problems around election time, and can help lay the groundwork for a successful season in 2012. A second meeting later in the fall can be used to help share some of the best ideas that come out of the first meeting, so all the leagues in the district can learn what works best.

Assessment of Leagues: District Administrators and assistants should begin to verify the intentions of local leagues to charter for 2012, and contact Little League International in the event that previously chartered leagues do not intend to charter for 2012. The 2012 charter application form will be mailed later this month. Through the new Little League Data Center, please review the Non-compliance/Hold list and contact Little League International if a league on this list participated in the 2011 tournament.

Potential New Leagues: District Administrators (DAs) and assistants (ADAs) receiving inquiries from potential new leagues are asked to contact Dan Velte, Director of League Development, at: 570-326-1921, ext 223; e-mail: dvelte@LittleLeague.org; or Sam Ranck, League Development Manager and Director of the Challenger Division, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 254; e-mail sranck@LittleLeague.org.

Training and Development: A schedule of training and education clinics will be posted on the Little League website (www.LittleLeague.org) later this fall. Plans and schedules for a series of roundtables involving DAs and ADAs will be released in the coming weeks. Additional listings will include the 2011-12 Little League Road Show series, Michele Smith Softball coach and manager clinics, and Baseball Factory dates.