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DA Bulletin - October

District Staff Bulletin - October 2009

Congratulations! The success and excitement enjoyed during the 2009 tournament season is a credit to the outstanding effort put forth by each district staff member. The tournament committee, along with the entire staff at Little League International, acknowledges and appreciates your commitment to the Little League program.
Meetings with Leagues: District Administrators and assistants should be scheduling at least one meeting with each league in the district this fall. These meetings can help to prevent problems around election time, and can help lay the groundwork for a successful season in 2010. A second meeting later in the fall can be used to help share some of the best ideas that come out of the first meeting, so all the leagues in the district can learn what works best.
Local League Elections: Once local league elections are completed, changes in league officers are to be reported to Little League International through the data center (http://datacenter.activeteamsports.com/llb/index.jsp?). More information on the election process is available here: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/Tips_Successful_League/2009-2010.htm
Assessment of Leagues: District Administrators and assistants should begin to verify the intentions of local leagues to charter for 2010, and contact Little League International in the event that previously chartered leagues do not intend to charter for 2010. The 2010 charter application form will be mailed later this month.

Potential New Leagues: District Administrators and assistants receiving inquiries from potential new leagues are asked to contact Dan Velte, Director of League Development; or direct the inquiries to Dan, at 570-326-1921, ext 223; or e-mail: dvelte@LittleLeague.org

Training and Development: A schedule of training and education clinics will be posted at the Little League website (www.LittleLeague.org) later this month. This listing will include clinics at each of the five U.S. Region offices, the 2010 Little League Road Show series, and Michele Smith Softball coach and manager clinics.

New Volunteer Applications Forms: Two volunteer application forms are now available to local leagues. For those leagues that do not require Social Security Numbers for processing the required background checks, the 2010 form is available here: http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/VolunteerApp2010_noSSN.pdf. For those leagues who do require social security numbers, that form is available here: http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/VolunteerApp2010_mandatorySSN.pdf
ASAP Plan Reminder: Due to Little League achieving an 85 percent ASAP Plan submission rate in 2009, the incentives for a district's early plan submission has increased. For districts with 70-to-85 percent of its leagues submitting plans, the incentive credit is $150. For districts with leagues submitting 86-to-100 percent, the incentive credit is $350. District Administrators and their assistants are asked to remind their leagues that now is the time to begin working on their ASAP plans for the 2010 season. Also, please remind those leagues that submitted an ASAP plan in 2008, but did not do so in 2009, to submit an ASAP plan for 2010. Information on the 2010 A Safety Awareness Plan will be available in the coming weeks, at LittleLeague.org.