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DA Tournament Bulletin - March

District Administrator/Little League International - Tournament Bulletin - March 2009
Tournament Eligibility: Leagues must be properly chartered in the appropriate division to have a team eligible for tournament play.

Revised Tournament Affidavit: A new Little League International Tournament Affidavit will be used in 2009. Note the new affidavit includes dedicated locations to clarify specific information (items highlighted in red). To clearly see these changes, please print a hard copy.

A full presentation on the Tournament Eligibility Affidavit is available here: www.littleleague.org/tournamentresources.htm

Enrollment Forms: The Tournament Enrollment Form is scheduled to be distributed to local leagues in mid-April.

League Eligibility: In order for a Little League program to be eligible to enter a team or teams into the International Tournament (including 9-10 Year Old Division and 10-11 Year Old Division) the following must be accomplished as indicated below.

The league must be chartered in the division(s) for which it wishes to enter a tournament team(s), no later than June 9, 2009. Examples: Chartered in Little League Majors to enter a Major Division team (11-12 year olds); chartered in Senior League to enter a Senior Division or Junior Division team, etc.

The league must have scheduled and played a minimum of a 12-game regular season (per team), exclusive of playoffs and tournament games for each division entering the tournament. See Reg. VII. The schedule shall be arranged so that at least one-half of the games are scheduled prior to June 15, 2009.

All waivers requests (for the league, team, player, manager, and/or coach) of any kind must be submitted and approved not later than June 9. All regular season team rosters must be submitted to Little League International in accordance with the requirements outlined in Regulation IV (g), not later than June 9, 2009.

Team number revisions and fees incurred by the league must be paid in full by June 9, 2009.

All combined team and interleague play requests that may involve tournament play must be submitted and approved not later than June 9, 2009. Failure to meet any of the listed requirements could result in a team or teams being declared ineligible by the Tournament Committee at Little League International.

Tournament Resources: Information and materials specific to tournament play are available on the Little League website (www.LittleLeague.org) Tournament Resource page located at the District Administrators tab. Information on this page will be updated on a regular basis. Please reference this page regularly for the latest information.
Tournament Fees: For each local league wishing to enter a team in the 2009 Little League International Tournament, the fee has been increased from $75 to $100 per team. This is the first increase in the tournament participation fee since the 1999 season.

Pitch Count (baseball only): The 2009 pitch count regular-season rules do not apply to tournament play. The Tournament pitch count rules used in 2008 are the same for 2009.

Tiebreaker Rule for Pool Play Formats: District Administrators and Tournament Directors are encouraged to review the Tiebreaker rule prior to entering tournament play. Tiebreaker procedures are listed on pages T-26-27 (Section III) of the 2009 Baseball rulebook, and on pages T-25-26 (Section III) in the 2009 Softball rulebook.

ASAP Deadline: April 1, 2009 is the deadline for District Administrators to submit ASAP plans for their districts. The deadline for leagues to submit their individual plans is May 1, 2009.

World Series Dates: The dates for the 2009 World Series Tournaments are: www.littleleague.org/tournamentresources.htm