Game 7
Midwest 7
 vs. New England 9

Saturday, August 16, 2008
3:30PM ET

New England rebounds to defeat Midwest
Shelton, Connecticut improves to 1-1 with 9-4 win against Rapid City, South Dakota

By Erin Kriner

After a disappointing loss to Hawaii on the first night of competition, Shelton, Connecticut was able to play an impressive game and go on to win 9-4 against Rapid City, South Dakota.

After New England's series-opening loss on Friday, New England manager Ed Szymansky said, “We talked to the kids and told them don’t look behind you, you have to look ahead of you. There is a lot of pressure on the kids…we just have to tell them to relax and try to get base hit, base hit, base hit.”

Base hits paid off as the team ended up with six in all against South Dakota, including a Marcello Ursini solo home run as part of a seven-run fourth inning.

In a game plagued by errors by the Midwest, New England found a way to take advantage and lead an offensive rush scoring seven runs in the fourth inning to make it 9-1.

The game started out with South Dakota's Matt Minnick hitting a triple and then scoring on a passed ball to give Midwest a 1-0 lead.

In the second, New England struck back. After Eddie Kochiss and Jason Hafele both singled to get on base they were able to advance and score two runs on a Matt Stoll single and a Midwest error. This brought New England ahead 2-1.

The fourth inning is when New England surged to take control of the game, scoring seven runs to make it a 9-1 game. Lead off hitter Eddie Kochiss walked and the next batter Patrick Murphy hit a single. After another walk the bases were loaded. With one out Midwest pitcher Cale Fierro could not save another run when he walked batter Hudson Boles. After making the score 3-1, another New England single and Midwest error brought in two more runs. After a pop-fly, Matt Batten was able to tag up and score another run.

Following an exciting fourth inning both teams were able to step up defensive play allowing no hits and six straight outs in the fifth inning.

In the top of the sixth the Midwest was able to counter attack with a small comeback hitting two doubles and a single to score three runs but it was not enough to match the offense of the Shelton, Connecticut team. After a double by Alec Winter and an RBI double by Matt Minnick the team narrowed their deficit. Jesse Riddle singled to bring in two runs. Two quick outs led New England to come away with the victory.

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