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Little League Data Center Updates with Simple Digital Solutions for 2017 Season

Little League Data Center Updates with Simple Digital Solutions for 2017 Season

Little League Data Center

To help provide District Administrators, District Officers, and League Administrators with local operations for the 2017 Little League® season, LittleLeague.org/DataCenter has been updated with new technology solutions.

Districts and leagues will be able to access these solutions by visiting LittleLeague.org/DataCenter and entering the District/League ID and the District Administrator/League President email address associated with the ID. Among the simple solutions now available are:

• Change Chartered Teams/Insurance
• Confirm Background Check Completion
• Download Official Logos
• Manage Officers
• Submit Background Checks
• Upload Registration Data
• View District Status Report
• Pay Outstanding Balances Online or via Mail

Little League will continue to update LittleLeague.org/DataCenter for the 2017 tournament season, where, at a future date, leagues/districts will be able to:

• Enroll in Tournament
• Change Tournament Teams
• Apply for Tournament Mileage Reimbursement

Little League appreciates the patience and support of all its volunteers throughout this process and hope that these core functionalities will provide simple solutions to local operations this year. Little League International is continuing to work on a new Data Center with even more functionality that is expected to launch in the fall of 2017 to support all districts and leagues for the 2018 season and beyond.

Individuals needing support with LittleLeague.org/DataCenter are encourage to review the Frequently Asked Questions below. For additional support, please email support@LittleLeague.org or call 570-326-1921 ext. 2800.

Little League Data Center

Little League Data Center Frequently Asked Questions:

Logging In:

How do I log in to the new Data Center?+
How can I get my League President's/District Administrator's email address with which to log in?+
How can I obtain my personal/individual Data Center login?+


How do I charter online in the Data Center?+
Where should I mail my league's completed charter application?+
We didn't receive a paper Charter Application. How can we get a copy of the application?+
How do we change the number of teams/divisions that we chartered?+
How can I pay my Chartering and Insurance Enrollment fee?+
Where can I check my league's charter status?+
How many rulebooks will my league receive?+


How can I pay my league's outstanding balance?+
How long does it take my Data Center balance to reflect any online payments that I made?+


Where do I go to update my league's officers?+

Registration/Roster Data Upload:

How can I send Little League my player/coach/manager registration data?+
Why does my ASAP status still say "Not Received" or "Not Approved" when I just uploaded everything?+


How can I add an Additional Insured (school, municipality, rec center, etc.) to my Little League general liability insurance policy?+
How can I get a copy of my Liability Certificate?+

ASAP Safety Plan Program:

What is the deadline to have your Safety Plan approved in order for my league to receive the ASAP incentive?+
I uploaded my player/coach/manager data along with my safety plan, so why am I still seeing a rejections status of #14 - No Registration Data?+
Why isn't my safety plan showing as approved, even though I uploaded my safety plan and completed all of the requirements?+
How can I get assistance with uploading my safety plan?+

Background Checks:

Where can I obtain my login credentials for First Advantage?+

Little League® Logos:

Where can I download official Little League International logos for my league to use?+


How can I get support with the Little League® Data Center?+