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All 2016 Little League® International Tournament Affidavits, Supplies Move Exclusively Online

All 2016 Little League® International Tournament Affidavits, Supplies Move Exclusively Online

The fun and excitement of tournament season will soon be here, and by moving the annual enrollment process and tournament resources online, Little League® Baseball and Softball has made it even easier for local leagues to enter teams in the world’s largest elimination tournament.

Chartered leagues are currently enrolling for the 2016 Little League® International Tournament by using the electronic forms available through the Little League Data Center. As Little League continues to provide more online, on-demand resources, leagues will find this year’s the tournament supplies, including the 2016 Eligibility Affidavits, are available exclusively online through the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. Little League will no longer be mailing paper versions of these tournament supplies.

New for 2016, there are three ways to complete the 2016 Eligibility Affidavits:

(1) Automated affidavits (LittleLeague.org/Affidavits) can be created using the new League Finder (available June 1). A step-by-step tutorial (LittleLeague.org/AffidavitTutorial) has been created to provide the necessary instructions. This new resource automatically plots players on league boundary maps and creates a ready-to-print complete affidavit, ready for the appropriate signatures. Little League is strongly encouraging all to use this system.

(2) Eligibility Affidavit(s) are available on LittleLeagueToolkit.org. These versions allow you to both fill out the affidavit online and print the completed form.

(3) A printable version is also available. Print a blank Eligibility Affidavit and complete it by hand.

Note that the baseball affidavit and the softball affidavit are two separate documents.

Additional tournament materials are now available online, and include:

Age/Residency/School Attendance Eligibility Requirements

Sample Medical Release Form

Sample Tournament Verification Form

Important Tournament Rules and Regulations Changes for 2016

These supplies will not be mailed this year, and will only be available electronically. Additional tournament resources, important volunteer responsibilities, and information on how the tournament entry fee supports local leagues is all available online.

LittleLeagueToolkit.org also provides several important reminders regarding league eligibility for tournament play, as well as information about tournament patches. New this year is a banner portal, which makes ordering banners quicker and easier than ever before. District credit will be accepted through the new banner portal.

All chartered Little League programs must complete the Confirmation of Regulation Compliance and Tournament Enrollment Application on the Little League Data Center, even if the league decides not to enter any teams in tournament play. The league must submit the tournament enrollment form electronically through the Data Center. Failure to do so will result in the league’s charter status being placed on non-compliance hold for the 2017 season.