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Little Leaguer® New Year’s Resolutions

Little Leaguer® New Year’s Resolutions

A new year means a new season for millions of children around the world.

In the December issue of The Parent Connection, Little League® asked for parents to share their sons and daughters’ Little League resolutions. Here are our favorite resolutions. These Little Leaguers will receive a Todd Frazier Oyo Figurine and a 2015 Little League Baseball World Series Commemorative Pin.

Zackary B.:

  • Take care of my equipment – My equipment needs to be in good condition so it will last longer.
  • Be prepared for practice and games – I am growing older and need to become more responsible rather than relying on my parents to remind me.
  • Acknowledge my teammates – Supporting them with positive comments to keep our team confidence up.

    Sophia R.:

    I’ve always wanted to be a pitcher. My resolution is to get good enough to pitch in one of my softball games this year.

    Jonathan M.:

    I am going to be playing Seniors this year, and my dad always volunteers as an umpire. This year, I hope to umpire with him for some Minor and Major games at my league.

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    Julie S.:

    As one of the only girls who plays baseball at my league, I was really close to making the All-Star team last year. I am going to be 12 this year, and I am going to be working hard at getting better and being a good teammate, so that I can make our All Star team this season.

    Caden A.:

    Our league has a Challenger team, and I started being a Buddy a couple of years ago. I have always really liked helping out at their games. This year, I want to try to get as many of my friends and teammates to come be a Buddy with me!

    William C.:

  • Appreciate my teammates and be sure everyone is having fun, both on the field and on the bench. When everyone is cheering and clapping, the games are always a good time.
  • Always pay attention to my coaches and try hard to do the things that ask of the team to improve. Coaches tips are a great way to get better and be more competitive.
  • Try hard every day at practice and at games. When I see other players trying their best, it makes me try harder, so I want to be that example for other players.