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Little League International Recognizes Best Safety Plans in the United States at Annual ASAP Breakfast

Little League International Recognizes Best Safety Plans in the United States at Annual ASAP Breakfast


Little League’s national and regional winners for safety awareness and preparedness were honored during the 66th Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Pa.

On Saturday, Aug, 25, Little League’s A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) was the focus of a breakfast that recognized the contentious efforts of several local leagues in each of the five regions in the United States.

Rancho Niguel Little League (RNLL) in Laguna Niguel, Calif., was the recipient of the 2012 ASAP National Award. The league will receive a set of lights for one of its fields from Musco Sports Lighting for being named the national award winner.

The top two plans in each Little League region were:

  • Central Region: Plymouth Canton Little League (Canton, Mich.); Riverfield Little League (Anderson, Ind.)
  • Southeastern Region: Bristol (Tenn.) Little League; Capital Midwestern Little League (Charleston, W. Va.)
  • Western Region: Rancho Niguel Little League (Laguna Niguel, Calif.); Chino (Calif.) American Little League
  • Eastern Region: Thompson Little League (North Grosvenor Dale, Conn.); Bayonne (N.J.) Central Little League
  • Southwestern Region: Oak Ridge Woodlands Area Little League (The Woodlands, Texas); League City (Texas) American Little League

One of the major considerations in Little League Baseball and Softball’s decision-making process is the safety of the players, coaches and volunteers in the program. In 1995, ASAP was established to encourage local leagues to formulate a safety program that could be used as their guideline.

Since the program’s inception, the top plans in each of the five U.S. Little League Regions are selected and from that pool a national winner is chosen.

“Our league ASAP plan is an incredible resource that everyone looks to for guidance regarding any safety related issue,” Greg Rothberg, President of the Rancho Niguel Little League, said. “I was truly speechless when I found out our plan had been recognized as the best in the country. It really is a great honor to be selected and the new lighting system from Musco is going to allow us to provide many more opportunities to the RNLL community.”

The Rancho Niguel Little League has 34 baseball teams and 475 players.

ASAP encourages Little League volunteers to submit details of successful safety programs that have been adopted in their league so ideas can be shared nationwide. The program enables local leagues to share concepts and methods of addressing safety issues and providing possible solutions to safety concerns. Since the inception of the ASAP program, the number of injuries reported has been reduced by 75 percent.

“Participation by the local leagues in the ASAP program continues to reinforce Little League’s commitment to health and safety,” Dan Kirby, Vice President of Risk Management for Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Those involved in ASAP provide their communities with the assurance these leagues give top priority to the well-being of the children and volunteers. Participation in this volunteer program is at 88 percent, which is a tribute to those volunteers who recognize the value of the program. It is our hope other leagues will follow the lead of this year’s ASAP award winners and the importance of keeping all Little League participants as safe as possible.”

The ASAP initiative is co-sponsored by Chartis Insurance and Musco Sports Lighting. As part of the program a monthly newsletter is produced and $609,062 in monetary awards was distributed in July to local leagues and districts un the Untied States.

The typical ASAP program put together by a local league includes such safety measures as emergency procedures for inclement weather, procedures to follow in the case of a serious injury and a procedure to track/report injuries, the election of the safety officer, putting together a list of emergency contact information, annual fundamental training of league personnel on first aid and proper baseball instructional techniques, and facility maintenance and a tracking system for facility upgrades.

Representatives from Rancho Niguel Little League, receive a trip for two to the Little League Baseball World Series, $500 and a set of lights from Musco for one of its Little League fields. Each regional winner received a trip for two to the World Series and $500 while the regional runner-up received $500.


More information on Little League Baseball and Softball’s ASAP initiative can be found at the Little League web site at: Safety Requirements Explained

Past Recipients of the ASAP Award

  • 1995-Lakeside (Calif.) LL
  • 1996-South Beaches LL, Melbourne, Fla.
  • 1997-Blackwood (N.J.) LL
  • 1998-Virginia Beach (Va.) LL
  • 1999-Fairfax (Va.) LL
  • 2000-Avon Grove Area LL, West Grove, Pa.
  • 2001-Granada Hills (Calif.) LL
  • 2002-Port St. Lucie (Fla.) American LL
  • 2003-Port Cypress (Calif.) Federal LL
  • 2004-Winslow Township (N.J.) LL
  • 2005-Pinole Hercules (El Sobrante, Calif.) LL
  • 2006-Painesville (Ohio) American LL
  • 2007-Warwick (R.I.) National LL
  • 2008-Unicoi County (Tenn.) LL
  • 2009-Big Pocono LL, Tannersville/Reeders, Pa.
  • 2010-Redrock LL, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • 2011-Hopkins (Minn.) Area LL