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Little League’s Green Acres Recovering from 2011 Flood

Little League’s Green Acres Recovering from 2011 Flood


Little League’s Green Acres facility in Hillsgrove, Pa., has operated Summer Baseball Camp for decades, but there will be no campers enjoying Sullivan County’s rolling hills this year, as a result of the flood that devastated the camp last fall.

Ray “Mac” McGlothlin, the facility’s caretaker and summer camp coordinator, lives on the Green Acres property. In the aftermath of the flooding that took place in early September, Mr. McGlothin was displaced from his home until February, and the grounds were left with varying degrees of damage.

“The flood changed the landscape,” Mr. McGlothlin said. “We are repairing what we had by prioritizing projects based on the weather. We got a lot done last fall and over the winter.”


Recently, more than 20 neighbors banded together to remove debris from the creek that runs through the 20-acre property. The flood waters destroyed many homes, washing all sorts of household items into the creek.

“I planned on clearing out the creek,” Mr. McGlothlin said. “I spoke with many of my neighbors and they passed it along to others.”

“We filled four dumpsters with debris,” he said. “There are still a lot of trees and brush to deal with, but we’ll continue to work on getting the rest of the creek cleared.”

With spring here, Mr. McGlothlin said that mowing and fertilizing the grounds is the priority. The Green Acres’ three Little League fields were severely damaged by the flood. Rebuilding the fields will be a project that will be ongoing well into the later part of the year.

At this time, there is no timetable for Green Acres to re-open its doors to baseball campers, but Mr. McGlothlin is confident that games will go on in the future.


Little League Baseball Camp at Green Acres in Hillsgrove, Pa., sustained serious damage from the flooding that occurred in September 2011. The facility has been undergoing clean-up and restoration in recent months. The camp’s baseball fields are among the projects to be reconstructed in the coming months.

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