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Southern California Hosts First 2012 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree

Southern California Hosts First 2012 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree


Since the Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree concept transitioned from one national tournament to numerous state/regional tournaments in 2010, the initiative for boys and girls in urban neighborhoods has prospered. This year is no different with the addition of two jamborees and new venues.

The first event of 2012, the Southern California Jamboree, will take place April 27-29 in Los Angeles. The Southern California Jamboree also opened the Urban Initiative Jamboree schedule last year.

“Los Angeles, along with Harlem (N.Y.), were the first two cities in the Little League Urban Initiative,” Demiko Ervin, Director of the Little League Urban Initiative, said. “As one of the cities that helped get the program started, Los Angeles was a natural selection as a site for a jamboree. It is important for the children to get a chance to play other teams from outside their area, but the best aspect of the Southern California Jamboree is the impact it can have on their lives, both on and off the field.”

The Little League Urban Initiative was established in 1999 to provide opportunities for communities in metropolitan areas to reap the benefits of having Little League in their neighborhoods.

“These events are beneficial to the leagues involved, because the jamborees better serve the Urban Initiative leagues on a state-wide basis. Each year the games give local league members, coaches and players a great opportunity to interact with leagues similar to theirs,” Mr. Ervin said.

The Little League Urban Initiative Southern California Jamboree, hosted by District 25, will feature teams from 12 leagues and more than 140 players (the participating leagues are listed at the end of the release). Games will be played on two fields at Ladera Little League.

Jamboree games on Friday (April 27) will begin at 5:30 p.m. with all 12 teams playing once on the first day. The following day games begin at 8 a.m. with each team playing twice. The semifinal games will be played at 9 a.m. on Sunday, with the championship game scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

The players, managers and coaches from teams playing in the jamboree will be given free tickets to the Los Angeles Dodger game Saturday night at Dodger Stadium against the Washington Nationals. The tickets are being provided by the Dodgers.

“The Los Angeles Dodgers are helping us enhance the event experience for the children, and their generosity and continued support of Little League is amazing,” Mr. Ervin said. “The Dodgers been supportive of the Little League Urban Initiative program from day one, and it’s great to have an organization like that in your corner.”

The nine jamborees this summer take the place of the annual Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree hosted by Little League International each Memorial Day weekend. During the six years (2004-09) the Jamboree was played at the Little League International complex in South Williamsport, Pa., teams from 66 different Urban Initiative leagues and more than 800 players participated.

In the last two years, 134 teams and more than 1,700 players have had the opportunity to participate in an Urban Initiative Jamboree.

The Little League Urban Initiative is now operating with more than 220 leagues in nearly 90 cities in the United States. The Urban Initiative also has participated in more than 30 field renovation/development projects, including its most recent project in Richmond, Va. The Urban Initiative has stimulated the participation of 4,000 teams and approximately 52,000 players since its inception.

For more information on Little League’s Urban Initiative, contact Mr. Ervin at: dervin@LittleLeague.org; or (570) 326-1921. More information on the Little League Urban Initiative is also available on the Little League web site, at: www.LittleLeague.org; or on Facebook, at: www.facebook.com/LittleLeagueUrbanInitiative.

Leagues Participating in the Little League Urban Initiative Southern California Jamboree

  • City of Angels Little League (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Coachella Youth Sports Association Little League (Coachella, Calif.)
  • Culver Marina Little League (Culver City, Calif.)
  • Encanto Little League (San Diego, Calif.)
  • Hawthorne National Wiseburn Little League (Hawthorne, Calif.)
  • Holly Park Little League (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Newmark Little League (San Bernardino, Calif.)
  • San Bernardino Little League (San Bernardino, Calif.)
  • San Diego American Little League (San Diego, Calif.)
  • Santiago Little League (Santa Ana, Calif.)
  • Sportsman Little League (Inglewood, Calif.)
  • Wrigley Little League (Los Angeles, Calif.)

2012 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree Schedule

  • April 27-29 – Southern California Jamboree (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball
  • May 4-6 – Florida State Jamboree (Clearwater, Fla.) – Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball
  • May 4-6 – Florida State Softball Jamboree (Clearwater, Fla.) – Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Softball
  • May 18-20 – Texas State Jamboree (Houston, Texas) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball
  • May 18-20 – Northern California Jamboree (Stockton, Calif.) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Softball
  • May 25-27 – Georgia State Jamboree (Marietta, Ga.) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball
  • May 26-28 – New York Metro Invitational Jamboree (Bronx, N.Y.) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball
  • June 1-3 – Northwest Jamboree (Portland, Ore.) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Softball
  • June 22-24 – Illinois State Jamboree (Chicago, Ill.) - Major Division (9-12-year-olds) Baseball