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Lights Supplied by Musco Will Give Kuwait Little League More Flexibility

Lights Supplied by Musco Will Give Kuwait Little League More Flexibility


With the average high temperature exceeding 90 degrees from April through October, and an average of higher than 100 degrees in five of those months, the Kuwait Little League has been looking for a way to give the more than 350 children in their program a relief from the heat.

They found the relief they had been looking for last week – lights. Musco Lighting Systems, a Little League Sponsor since 1992, erected state-of-the-art, television-quality lights for two fields at the Martyr Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Baseball and Softball Fields in Kuwait City.

In less than one week, people from Musco, the official sports lighting system for the world’s largest organized youth sports program, along with local contractors put lights in place for two fields that are utilized by the Kuwait Little League.

On Jan. 27, members of the Kuwait Little League Board of Directors along with officials from Musco celebrated the installation of the lights with a short ceremony prior to both a Majors Division (9-12-year-olds) and Senior Division (13-16-year-olds) game.

“Having lights will enable us to have much more flexibility in our scheduling,” Dr. Abdulazeez Boujarwah, Little League’s District Administrator in Kuwait, said. “We have truly enjoyed working with Musco. They have been very helpful and professional throughout the process.

“Having the lights will allow us to have practices and games in the evening when it is much cooler. Many of our coaches work, and it is dark by the time they get off during the winter months making weekend practices and games the only alternative. Lights give us the opportunity to utilize evening hours during the week for games and practices.”

Dr. Boujarwah also believes the lights will have a broader, more wide-ranging role in the community and region.

“We also hope to use our fields as a means to reach out to the community, promoting baseball in Kuwait and in the region in general,” Dr. Boujarwah said.

The expanded hours now available to the league with the installation of the lights will also be a benefit to the children in an area of the world where baseball is starting to get a foothold.

 “When our fields were taken away in 2010, children would write us saying: ‘I can’t live without baseball!’,” Mercy Boujarwah, the wife of Dr. Boujarwah and the Safety Officer for the Kuwait Little League, said. “We have a following of children who love being at the field and playing baseball. These kids don’t grow up around baseball and they don’t see Major League Baseball game, so we bring the love of baseball to them.”


Members of the two Kuwait Little League Senior Division teams who played in the first game under the lights are joined by league Board members and representatives from Musco Sports Lighting on Jan. 27 to celebrate the occasion.

In 2012, the Kuwait Little League, which first chartered with Little League in the 1980s, has 21 teams in the baseball division, four teams in the softball division and two teams in the Challenger division, a program for youth with developmental and physical challenges.

Along with the two fields that now have lights, the complex in Kuwait includes two other fields where the local league hopes to install lights sometime in the future.

"It has been a wonderful experience for Musco to work with everyone from the Kuwait Little League,” Tom Morrison, Middle East Region Manager for Musco, said. “From the volunteers, local sponsors, and all the kids involved, they truly understand what it takes to be part of their local community and run a great organization.  We look forward to working with them more in the future."