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First Regional Round Table Kicks Off in California

First Regional Round Table Kicks Off in California


The first Regional Round Tables began this morning at the San Bernardino Hilton, a two-day event that will help guide the direction of the Little League movement for the next two years.

All District Administrators (DA) and Assistant District Administrators (ADA) in each of the regions are invited to attend. The Western Region Round Table drew more than 210 attendees.

The agenda for each regional round table includes educational components as well as rules and regulation sessions. The agenda was developed from a survey completed by DAs and ADAs in that region. The survey allowed DAs and ADAs to submit a list of topics that they would like to see covered at the round table sessions.

DAs and ADAs are participating in the interactive regional round tables every four years, giving them a voice and a forum every two years when combined with International Congress events. Previously, volunteers in the field only had this opportunity once every three years.

Following the round tables, the Little League International Rules Committee will develop the agenda of potential changes to the Rules and Regulations. That agenda will be voted on by District Administrators worldwide on a date to be announced. Any item that receives a two-thirds majority vote will automatically go to the Little League International Board of Directors, which would decide whether or not it will be implemented.

"We're very pleased with the turnout at this first round table session," Patrick Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development. "Our volunteers realize that one of the benefits of membership in Little League is the ability to have a voice in changes to the rules and regulations. Since District Administrators are elected by and from the ranks of local volunteers, and the represent the interests of those leagues, every Little League volunteer is a part of this process."

The regional round table events are conducted by members of the Little League Regional Staff and Little League International Staff.

For a list of the Sponsors and Licensees that will be exhibiting at the various round tables, click here: http://www.littleleague.org/districtadmins/RegionalRoundTables/SponsorsLicenseesAttending.htm

Information on the other upcoming regional round tables can be found here: http://www.littleleague.org/districtadmins/RegionalRoundTables.htm


Dan Kirby, Little League's Vice President of Risk Management, led off the seminar with presentations on ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program), background checks, and concussions.