Non-U.S. teams are barred from advancing beyond regional play because of an over-emphasis on tournament play. By this time in the program's history, team from International regions were enjoying frequent success and there was evidence that reaching and winning the Little League Baseball World Series had become a priority for many countries.

The apparent trend away from Little League's roots as an all-inclusive, community-based activity gave pause to the Little League International Board of Directors. In its effort to re-focus the program's mission, International teams were not permitted for play beyond the regional level in 1975. Despite the move, Little League felt the backlash and reverted back to a "true" World Series for the 1976 season.

In 1975, Lakewood, N.J., defeats Belmont Heights of Tampa, Fla., 4-3, in the "All-American" final game.

The Teenage baseball divisions and all Softball divisions were not impacted by this one-year change in tournament format.

1975 - Race to 2nd