An out-of-court settlement of a dispute with the Little League Board of Directors ends with Carl Stotz severing ties with the organization he founded.

The Little League Foundation is created. In the June 8, 1957  issue of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Sports Editor Ray Keyes  explained that the Foundation would ensure "the permanency, self-sufficiency and development of Little League." The Foundation's objectives were: 1. Provide funding for future growth of the Little League program; 2. Establish a permanent National Headquarters building for Little League; 3. Conduct expanding research; Create workshops for local league volunteers; and 5. Establish and adult leadership training program.

The first Little League World Series perfect game is pitched by Fred Shapiro of Delaware Township, N.J.

Little League grows to more than 4,000 leagues.

The first Little League Congress takes place in Chicago. The purpose of the International Congress was, and is, to chart the course of the world’s largest organized youth baseball and softball program. More than one thousand Little League volunteers from around the globe attend the Congress, held once every four years.

Nearly 450 of those attending are volunteer District Administrators, or delegates, who serve as liaisons between the local leagues and Little League International. District Administrators are elected by their constituent leagues to provide support, and to represent their interests as delegates to the Congress. The primary purpose of the Congress is to amend rules and regulations. Several training and educational opportunities are also included along with special events that highlight volunteer recognition and achievements.

The 26th International Congress will be convened April 4-7, 2014, in Minneapolis, Minn.                                    

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