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Local League Best Practices Guide

Each local Little League program should discuss the Intermediate (50/70) Division at a league meeting to determine what would be the best way to offer the program to the members of your local league. Determine if your league would prefer the Intermediate (50/70) Division to be geared toward more advanced players in a competitive structure, or simply another division within the program that is made available to all age appropriate players regardless of ability. Below you will find an outline of the two structure options as well as two best practices guides.


For the first time in the baseball division, players are permitted to participate in multiple divisions during the regular season. This would allow a local league who has players that are participating in the Intermediate (50/70) Division to also participate in the Majors or Junior Divisions during the regular season.

Best Practices Guide(s)

  • The district wide competitive structure allows a local league to participate in a division that is designed for more advanced players to participate together during the regular season. For example, each league in a district forms 1 or 2 teams that will compete against one another in a competitive regular season Intermediate (50/70) Division through interleague play. It is important to remember that players will be permitted to participate in multiple divisions during the regular season.
  • The local league in-house structure will essentially allow a league to simply add the Intermediate (50/70) Division to the programs offered by the local league. In this structure, most if not all of the games would be played in house and would not involve any type of interleague against other leagues within neighboring districts.