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Facebook Intermediate (50/70) Division Chat

  • Facebook Questions & Answers
    • → Is this division designed for advanced 13's?

      Trevor Zitterow (Original Question)

      Pat, is this division designed for advanced 13s? Like 13s that should be playing 60/90.....you know some leagues are going to stack their best 13s onto 50/70 for all-stars.

      @ Trevor

      The division is designed with flexibility for local leagues to allow local leagues to structure the Intermediate (50/70) division as a more competitive division, or as a division for all players ages 11-13 regardless of ability. It is up to the local league to determine if it wants to limit this division to 13-year-olds only.

    • → Metal cleats and big barrel bats

      Ana Ouzts (Original Question)

      Metal cleats? Heard they were ok early on but haven't seen anything lately that confirms this. Is the current list on big barrel bats on LL website still ok? Lots of parents asking for Christmas present purposes.

      @ Anna

      Metal cleats are permitted in the Intermediate Division regardless of the age division. The bat regulation for the Intermediate (50/70) Division follows the current Junior League standards.

    • → Are leagues considering eliminating Majors?

      Jennie Hunter Brown (Original Question)

      Our league is smaller, our 11 and 12s tend to go to JBO for "real baseball" and we see 50/70 as a way to keep those kids in our program. We are considering restructuring our coach-pitch and minors to the A, AA, AAA format and then just having 50/70 and Juniors. 11s could play AAA and 13s could play Juniors if their skill level required it. How many leagues are considering eliminating majors altogether?

      @ Jennie

      We have not seen many leagues consider eliminating the Little League Major Division, but we have seen a number of leagues use the Intermediate Division as a compliment to the Major division for more competitive players.

    • → How should a league handle dual division players?

      Jenni Tess Del Nero (Original Question)

      How should a league handle the 11 & 12 year old players who have the skills to play intermediate when they are the "property" of a major team? Is there any guidance or will this be left to the local league?

      @ Jenni

      This is ultimately the decision of the local league. This is a great opportunity to allow these more advanced players to play in the Intermediate (50/70) Division in addition to playing the Little League Major Division. This allows these players to continue to play with their friends and classmates while playing a more competitive level of baseball under the Little League umbrella.

    • → All-Star eligibility and Intermediate 50/70 Division play

      Steve Belongia (Original Question)

      @ Richard - Bingo. The 11/12 year old kids that play in 50/70 all season are not going to make the 50/70 WS teams in most programs.

      So… Is it allowed for 11/12 year olds to play 50/70 exclusively during the season and be eligible for the Major Division All-Star Team?

      @ Steve

      Just to be clear, for the first time players are permitted to play in multiple baseball divisions simultaneously during the regular season. It is possible, in this scenario, that a player would meet the tournament eligibility requirements. Players would be allowed to be selected in multiple divisions, but a decision will need to be made on which division the child will play in.