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Pitch In for Baseball

How Can you Help?

Little League marks its 75th Anniversary in 2014. In appreciation of all the volunteers, parents and players who have made Little League what it is today over these 75 years, we will donate $1 to Pitch In For Baseball for each memory and photo submitted in the Little League® Big Legacy Project.

If you wish to donate additional funds or gently used equipment for Pitch In For Baseball you can do so by clicking on the links.

Let’s kick off the 2014 Big Legacy Project with a Homerun! Share your memories with us.

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Quiz Intro

What is the name of the first Little League® graduate to play professional baseball?

The correct answer is D. Allen “Sonny” Yearick.

You are correct!

What state each year hosts two Little League® World Series?

The correct answer is Delaware.

You are correct!

On what network can you watch the majority of Little League® games each summer?

The correct answer is ESPN.

You are correct!

Great Job! Thanks for playing!
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