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Since its inception, Little League® has shown to be a microcosm of society, reflecting cultural and historical trends. In 75 years, the “idea” of Little League, devised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, by Founder Carl E. Stotz in 1938, with its first season in 1939; has rewarded players, families, volunteers and communities with impactful life lessons centered around the games of baseball and softball.

In 1959, after 12 Little League Baseball® World Series tournaments had been played on the small field at Brown Memorial Park in Williamsport, the tournament (and the headquarters of Little League) moved five miles east from its original location and across the West Branch of the Susquehanna River to South Williamsport. There the original Howard J. Lamade Field was built. A decade later, wooden bleachers were replaced by concrete grandstands and the stadium began to resemble what so many recognize today.

Fifteen years later, in 1974, Mr. Stotz’s “Little League Baseball for Boys” became Little League Baseball and Softball as girls were welcomed into the program, and Little League Softball® debuted.

To serve the public interest, Little League has added other divisions of play through the years. Teenage baseball divisions (Intermediate 50/70, Junior, Senior and Big League); and Challenger Division for physically and developmentally challenged children have extended the program’s outreach. Mirroring the baseball program, softball too has tournament play, including a World Series for players of Little League Major Division age through Big League.

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